another black soul
My name is Saskya, it isnt very common and maybe thats the reason I like it.

I'm currently 14 years of age and to be honest I wish I was still 8. I hate sports but I like reading and music. I sing in a band called Sessions.


reading Milk fic more like

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when grandma catches you turnin her crusty antique towel into a vest

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calum’s like im an innocent little boy i luv school while michael’s like o yea im here t fuk dem btchz

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im going to fuck ryan ross if its the last thing i do

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I haven’t had the full pleasure of my boyfriend in nearly 2 weeks. Today I ate real food for the first time since I had my wisdom teeth extracted last Wednesday and I made a joke of saying that the food was good enough to give me an orgasm. My boyfriend replied by saying that that was his job. I…

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fuck yeah! fashion! | kristian aadnevik fall winter 2014-2015 (2/2)

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when grandma catches you turnin her crusty antique towel into a vest

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Ryan Ross Make-Up Appreciation (the branch thingy)

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Panic! At The Disco's Stage Presence Through The Eras

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Two types of people


Two types of people

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Panic! At The Disco taught me how to be a total bamf while still being sensitive about some things.

My Chemical Romance taught me that it’s okay to feel alone and sad but also that I’m not alone.

All Time Low taught me that I’m not just another face in the crowd, that I’m capable of amazing things.

Fall Out Boy taught showed me that I can walk through a post apocalyptic world with their songs in the back ground and look like a total badass.

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